My main dude Louie. We accomplished so much today. #frenchy #dogdrama #bulldog

One of my favorite things on this planet. spending time with your best friends and working on the sickest trails. @r_popple @markpotoczny #trails #pa

Big foots first berm.

After work activities pushing barrels on our new dyke out line. @r_popple @cottle01

@brianyeagle with a table harvest from couple seasons back.

#chippyline just got #kiwi6 packed in by @brodymanko @jimisaw

Here is one of @r_popple riding big foot back in 2010.

Ruben manual I would like to think. Pic by @murphy_lee_moschetta shot @thewheelmill this past week. @gformprotects #adplugs