Taking care of #business #downtown #pittsburgh

#talladega line will be the year for blue grooves or I will have @stitches throw a brick in your face. @markpotoczny @r_popple @squizgarr @cottle01

Here is one from today, definitely not trying todo a 3 tabe. #360 #casualrun #darkside photo by: @cottle01

We made a new video yesterday, check out what it’s like to test new jumps at our spot. @markpotoczny @r_popple visit Vinylbmx.com

@markpotoczny @r_popple #emricans #allbmxframesfromamerica

#manaj day three, this offset jump is a good time once I perfect it. Photo by: @squizgarr

We have a jump in the woods that is a perfect habitat for snakes, we watched this guy grow for the last 3 years. The snake is harmless but fucking scares the shit out of me and @markpotoczny everytime.

Ripping #manaj day two with @r_popple @markpotoczny @squizgarr